BDCA Around The Grounds - March 8



6:09pm: Kangaroo Flat have survived White Hills' outright attempt.

The Roos finish their second innings at 4-71.

So it's locked in - the top four finishes as: Golden Square, Bendigo United, Strathdale and Eaglehawk.

White Hills and Huntly-North Epsom are the two that entered the last round still with their season alive that have missed out.

Just out of interest, this was my predicted final ladder on January 29:


1. Golden Square - 72pts.

2. Strathdale - 60.

3. Eaglehawk - 54.

4. Bendigo United - 48.

5. White Hills - 48.

6. Huntly-North - 42.

7. Bendigo - 24.

8. Strathfieldsaye - 18.

9. Sandhurst - 12.

10. Kangaroo Flat - 12.

Clearly not enough respect shown to Bendigo United there!

That's it for today's updates. Cheerio.

6:05pm: Speaking of Eaglehawk, Strathfieldsaye's Ben Devanny has now taken consecutive 6 wicket bags against the Hawks at Canterbury Park.

Also took 6 against them out there last season.

6:02pm: Kangaroo Flat now 4-60 after 27 overs.

3 overs left and five wickets needed for White Hills outright.

Surely, the Eaglehawk lads can relax now... can't they?

5:59pm: Huntly is 6-67 against Sandhurst in second dig.

Dylan Gibson and Harry Whittle batting for the Power.

3 overs left in the day... the last 3 overs of the season for both teams.

5:56pm: Kangaroo Flat just lost fourth wicket.

The Roos 4-50 after 25 overs v White Hills.

5 wickets needed in 5 overs for White Hills to get the outright win.

Well, stranger things have happened I guess.

5:55pm: Still plenty of people very interested in this White Hills outright bid.

Obviously not a lot of faith in the Kangaroo Flat batsmen, but the Roos will hang in there and survive.

5:50pm: Kangaroo Flat now 3-45 after 23 overs.

7 overs left in the day, White Hills need 6 wickets to knock Eaglehawk out of the top four.

Got to feel for the Demons.

The day started on the right foot when they got the wicket they needed to win, but it's going to end in heartbreak.

But you make your own luck in cricket and the Demons did lose two games this season by one wicket, so that's what has cost them... not just today.

5:47pm: Congratulations to Heathcote, which has won back-to-back NUCA premierships.

Heathcote defeated Bagshot by seven wickets at Elmore.

Brenton Conforti helped steer Heathcote over the line with an unbeaten 50.

5:45pm: Strathdale has beaten Golden Square.

That's Square's first loss of the season.

The Suns passed their target of 201 in the 76th over.

They are now 5-218, and the chance now for a bit of pre-finals batting practice.

TV personality Ben DeAraugo is on 20 and Nick Baker on 11.

5:44pm: Bendigo United cruise to the outright win over Bendigo.

They finish 0-100 off 18 overs in their second dig.

Matt Pinniger 62 off 53, Ben Gunn 37 off 56.

Golden Square and Bendigo United finish 1-2 on the ladder and earn home semis next week.

Square will play Eaglehawk, BUCCS will play Strathdale.

5:43pm: In the bowls preliminary final, Golden Square leads Bendigo East by 20 shots with nine ends to play.

Looks like Golden Square going through to next week's grand final versus Eaglehawk.

Square haven't won a division one flag since 1963.

5:38pm: The result is now going to prove irrelevant in the context of the finals picture, but Huntly is 3-48 against Sandhurst.

Nine overs left in the day, and about 70 needed for the outright win.

So it's going to be Huntly-North Epsom and White Hills joining Sandhurst, Bendigo, Kangaroo Flat and Strathfieldsaye for their end of season drinks tonight.

Nice night for a sip, but those teams would be disappointed they haven't made the finals.

Wouldn't mind a quiet beer myself.... been a big day on the keyboard.

5:37pm: BUCCS almost there for the outright points.

They are 0-95. Gunn on 35 and Pinniger on 59.

Five more to get for the first outright result of the season.

5:36pm: Strathdale edging closer to the win and another finals berth.

The Suns are 5-194 in the 75th over.

They've got 10 overs to get 7 runs.

Linton Jacobs last man out for 32.

5:34pm: Kangaroo Flat 3-28 off 17 overs.

That leaves White Hills 13 overs to get the 6 wickets they need for the outright.

The Demons MUST win outright now to play finals for the first time since 1999.

5:32pm: All over at Eaglehawk.

The Hawks have bowled the Jets for 104 to guarantee their finals spot.

5:28pm: Bendigo United on the verge of the outright victory over Bendigo.

BUCCS are 0-83 off 13 overs.

Matt Pinniger is 53 off 42 and Ben Gunn is 30 off 38.

Pinniger just topping his average up nicely this game after he made 64 not out in the first innings.

He now has six scores over 50 for the season.

I ain't got six scores over 50 for my career.

5:25pm: Strathfieldsaye still hanging in there against Eaglehawk.

The Jets are 9-104 in the 44th over v Eaglehawk.

23 overs left for the Hawks to get the last wicket.

5:23pm: In the NUCA grand final, Heathcote closing in on back-to-back flags.

Heathcote is 3-94 in the 27th over chasing Bagshot's 114.

5:20pm: Strathdale 4-189 now.

5:19pm: Strathdale 4-183 in the 71st over v Golden Square.

18 runs left to get for the Suns.

Last wicket was Cam Taylor, bowled Darren Clutton for 54 off 67.

Linton Jacobs and Ben DeAraugo batting for the Suns.

5:17pm: Kangaroo Flat now 3-17 off 13 overs in its second innings.

17 overs left for White Hills to get the six wickets for an outright win.

Rhys Irwin and Travis Colley bowling,

Colley has all 3 wickets.

Out for the Roos are Josh Newlan (0), Brent Hamblin (0) and Daniel Barber (2).

The Demons are giving it their all, but they are going to fall short of the finals.

5:15pm: With how the day is unfolding, the ladder is likely to end up:

Golden Square

Bendigo United



Same four teams as last season in the finals.

All four are regular finalists... I'm going to do a bit of homework for Monday's paper and look at just how regular!

5:14pm: Bendigo United now 0-62.

Sorry Kingy, Matt Pinniger has now passed you for the most runs for the season with a straight six off Mark Ryan.

5:13pm: Almost done and dusted out at Eaglehawk.

The Jets are now 9-93.

5:11pm: Sandhurst all out for 124.

Bentley finished with 7-24 for Huntly.

The Power now having a crack at the outright.

They are 1-4. Michael Hanson out.

The target is 120-odd to win. Have 17 overs to get them.

But the way the rest of the games are panning out, a outright win won't be enough to get the Power into the finals.

Round one loss to White Hills going to come back to haunt them.

5:11pm: Another wicket to Eaglehawk's Andrew Smith leaves Strathfieldsaye 8-93.

Smith bowled Justin Hargreaves for a duck.

Two wickets for the Hawks to play finals... not good news for White Hills at all.

5:10pm: Bendigo United motoring along at Harry Trott Oval.

Smashed 50 off seven overs against Bendigo.

5:09pm: Pinniger and King now tied on 613 runs apiece for the season.

5:08pm: In the runs battle between Matt Pinniger and Travis King, Pinniger is now on 26.

He needs five more to pass King as the leading run-scorer this season. It's a nail-biter.

5:07pm: It looks like Quinton Bentley's bag of wickets is going to ensure he ends the season as the leading wicket-taker.

Last update he had 10 for the match, which gives him 34 for the season. Big effort.

5:04pm: Five overs down for BUCCS and they already have 40 on the board against Bendigo.

Matt Pinniger on 22.

Just quietly, I think Pinniger was keen to make sure he passed Travis King to finish the season as the leading run-scorer.

By my Rushworth P-12 College maths, Pinniger needs 31 runs in this innings to pass King's 613 runs for the season.

5:02pm: Kangaroo Flat 2-6 off 8 overs in their second innings.

22 overs left for the Demons to get the 7 wickets they need as there is no Shane Harling for the Flat.

5:00pm: Strathfieldsaye 7-95 in the 39th over.

28 overs left to go, the Hawks now need 3 wickets to win.

Last man out was Josh Williams (4), bowled by Andrew Smith on the first ball of his new spell.

Batting for Jets are Neil Johnson on 18 and Justin Hargreaves, yet to score.

4:58pm: In the bowls preliminary final, Golden Square leads Bendigo East by 9 shots with 28 ends to play.

4:55pm: Strathdale well on track to beat Golden Square.

They are 3-166 in the 65th over at Golden Square needing 201 to win.

Cam Taylor on 50 following his six-for last week (should be able to squeeze him one or two votes), and Linton Jacobs is on 17.

Suns to win from here and that would be Square's first loss of the season on the eve of the finals.

Lads having a drink now.

4:54pm: Bendigo United already knocked off 23 of the 100 runs they need to beat Bendigo outright.

Taken 3 overs to get those 23.

4:52pm: Sandhurst now 9-113 against Huntly.

There's about 20 overs left in the day out at Huntly, so this is going to get interesting as the Power pursue outright points.

Quinton Bentley has a brilliant 7-27 this innings to go with three last innings.

That's 10 wickets for the match for the coach. Superb effort.

4:50pm: Matt White just put down a catch for Eaglehawk.

Strathfieldsaye 6-80.

4:44pm: Shane Harling unavailable to bat for Kangaroo Flat in the second innings, so White Hills only need nine wickets.

They already have two.

4:40pm: Kangaroo Flat now 2-2 in its second innings in the second over.

A lot of twos there.

4:39pm: Eaglehawk edge closer to a win.

Monro gets his second wicket. Strathfieldsaye now 6-76 in the 33rd over.

4:38pm: Good start for White Hills.

Kangaroo Flat 1-1 in the second over of its second innings.

This is turning into some sort of a day in the BDCA.

4:34pm: Strathfieldsaye now 5-76th in the 32nd over v Eaglehawk.

Still 35 overs to go for the Hawks to get their five wickets.

Levi Walker is on 11 and Neil Johnson on 4 for the Jets.

David Farley the last wicket to fall for 38.

Cory Jacobs has two wickets, Aaron Monro has one and Cameron McGlashan has one for the Hawks.

4:32pm: In the NUCA grand final, Bagshot was bowled out for 114 in the 39th over.

Heathcote in reply is 1-36.

The batsman out is Ben Harris (13).

4:30pm: Strathdale 3-139 off 57 overs v Golden Square.

That leaves the Suns needing 62 runs off the last 28 overs to guarantee a finals berth.

Last wicket was Jack Neylon, out for 13 off 110 at the hands of Darren Clutton.

Cam Taylor on 32 and Linton Jacobs on 8 for the Suns.

I'll back the Suns to win from here and inflict Golden Square's first loss of the season.

4:29pm: Bendigo has been bowled out for 128 against BUCCS in its second innings.

Mitch Blackman top-scored with 63 for the Goers.

Nick Crawford snared 5-20 off 19 overs for BUCCS.

That leaves BUCCS needing exactly 100 to win off 27 overs.

You reckon they'd get them and secure that home final next week.

4:25pm: White Hills has declared at 8-180 in its second innings.

The Demons have 30 overs to try to bowl Kangaroo Flat out and get an outright win.

Brayden Stepien top-scored with 95.

Tim Robertson took 4-32 for Kangaroo Flat.

Daniel Plowman took 3-30 for the Roos.

Think the Demons will need a miracle for the outright, but had to give it a crack with Eaglehawk  now on top of Strathfieldsaye.

4:23pm: Sandhurst now 7-102 against Huntly.

Last 3 wickets to fall have been Ned Slater (56), Craig Howard (28) and Shane Robinson (1).

Steve Becker and Josh Sheehan are now in for the Dragons.

Still a glimmer of hope for the Power as they chase that outright win.

4:19pm: Eaglehawk now halfway there.

Wicket to Aaron Monro of David Farley has the Jets 5-68 in the 27th over.

40 overs left for the Hawks to get the 5 wickets they need.

Can the Jets hang on for a draw to deny the Hawks a finals berth?

4:15pm: Word is that White Hills will declare soon and have a crack at an outright win over Kangaroo Flat.

Probably going to have about 30 or so overs at the Roos in their second innings.

Can't see the outright happening out there, but worth a shot.

4:13pm: Plenty of good photos here from the Addy's new photographer Glenn Daniels, who was out at Dower Park earlier for the clash between Kangaroo Flat and White Hills.


3:52pm: What a start for Eaglehawk after tea.

Believe it to be Cory Devanny who was bowled first ball after tea by Cory Jacobs.

Jacobs now on a hat-trick.

Hawks right on top now with the Jets 4-48.

The Hawks now six wickets from victory and a guaranteed finals berth.

3:42pm: Tea in the bowls and Golden Square leads Bendigo East 53-39 after 52 ends.

Upset on the cards.

3:38pm: At tea, Strathdale is 2-92 off 46 overs.

Last wicket was Travis King. Caught Scott Johnson bowled Jamie Bysouth.

New batsman in is Cam Taylor.

Game evenly poised.

3:35pm: Bendigo is 7-116 v BUCCS.

Last 2 wickets have been Liam Gaskell and Rob Glen, who both made ducks.

Mitch Blackman on 63.

42 overs left in the day... can BUCCS get the outright?

Bendigo's lead is 87 with 3 wickets in hand.

That wily old veteran Nick Crawford has 4-15 off 13 overs.

Now pushing the age of 40, the secret to Crawford's longevity is the DDP Yoga he uses.


3:34pm: At tea, Sandhurst is 4-89 in its second innings against Huntly.

Ned Slater has made a half-ton and Craig Howard is on 28.

Can't see the Power getting the outright win from here, which will finish off their season unless there's a big turnaround after tea and Sandhurst collapse.

3:31pm: In the lawn bowls preliminary final, could there be an upset brewing?

It looks like it at this stage.

Golden Square leads Bendigo East 45-29 after 44 ends.

Winner plays Eaglehawk next week in the big dance.

3:28pm: Eaglehawk has just picked up its third wicket and it's a big one - Ben Devanny caught behind off Cory Jacobs.

The Jets now 3-48 off 19 overs at tea.

48 overs to bowled after tea with the Hawks needing seven wickets to win and play finals.

I'll put my money on the Hawks from here.

3:14pm: Strathfieldsaye now 2-38 v Eaglehawk.

Xavier Crone the last wicket to fall for the Jets.

Meanwhile, Brayden Stepien has missed out on his first ton in the first XI. He was dismissed for 95 for White Hills.

3:08pm: Bagshot now 9-98 in the NUCA grand final against Heathcote at Elmore.

Last 4 wickets to fall were Marc Sherwell (14), Ben Hamilton (6), David Price (2) and Kym Wheelhouse (0).

James Sexton batting well on 22.

Luke Bell dominated with the ball for Heathcote, taking 4-29 off his eight overs.

Pat Ring has 3-16 off his eight overs.

3:06pm: Strathdale now 1-77 in the 37th over.

Travis King on 49 continuing his good form and Jack Neylon on 3 off 61.

3:04pm: Bendigo is back in strife now against Bendigo United.

The Goers are 5-110 off 44 overs.

The 3 wickets to fall today have been Ryan Trickey (27), Mark Ryan (0) and Brett Andrews (14).

Mitch Blackman is on 61 and Liam Gaskell yet to score.

Nick Crawford has 2 wickets today and Byron Perrin has 1.

Four of the five wickets have been lbw.

3:01pm: Strathfieldsaye is 1-32 after 13 overs chasing Eaglehawk's 189 at Canterbury Park.

54 overs left for the Hawks to get the 9 wickets they need to play in the finals.

The batsman out is Hamish Schumacher for 1.

He was caught Fitt bowled McGlashan.

Xavier Crone on 11 and David Farley on 19.

3:00pm: Sandhurst now 4-64 in its second innings v Huntly-North Epsom.

Ned Slater and Craig Howard batting for the Dragons.

Slater is on 43 as his good form continues and Howard is on 11.

Slater's 43 follows on from his 46 last week.

Dragons are digging in and making it hard work for the Power as they chase an outright.

2:52pm: Brayden Stepien going beserk at Dower Park.

He's 87 off 60 balls for White Hills.

He just hit young leggie Chris Barber for three sixes in a row.

The Demons now 2-112 off 22 overs in their second innings.

Stepien made a ton earlier today in the under-17s.

2:36pm: White Hills now 1-84 off 18 overs in its second innings.

Stepien teeing off. He's on 61. Could he be headed for two tons in the one day?

2:16pm: Might as well plug the Addy footy magazine while I'm going.

Comes out the end of March covering BFL, HDFL, LVFL, MCDFL and NCFL, Pioneers, Gold and Thunder plus netball.

2:14pm: Going to go with some lawn bowls updates again as well today.

It's the preliminary final between Golden Square and Bendigo East.

After 16 ends, Square has the early advantage as they lead 17-11.

The winner plays Eaglehawk in next week's grand final.


2:11pm: In the NUCA grand final, Bagshot is 5-66 in the 20th over.

Batsman out for Bagshot are: Ash Jefferis (13), Stefan Anderson (3), Steven King (8), Greg Hamilton (1) and Aaron Wheelhouse (20).

Not out are Marc Sherwell on 14 and James Sexton on 5.

Pat Ring has 3 wickets for Heathcote.

2:09pm: Eaglehawk has declared at 8-189 after 65 overs.

They batted for 15 today, which gives Strathfieldsaye 67 overs to chase the score, and the Hawks 67 overs to bowl the Jets out.

Cory Jacobs finished 34 not out and Todd Brown 15 not out.

Ben Devanny bowled 26 overs and 6-61 for the Jets, including 12 maidens.

He's had a ripper season.

Plenty of time for both sides to win this game

2:04pm: White Hills in its second innings is 1-41 after 9 overs.

Brayden Stepien has 28 of them.

Jayden Sheean out for about 10.

1:59pm: Strathdale is 1-39 off 16 overs v Square.

Batsman out is Adrian Pappin. Caught off Luke Baird for 18.

Travis King on 16 and Jack Neylon elevated up the order to No.3 yet to face a ball.

1:57pm: Got a Northern United grand final score out at Elmore.

Heathcote right on top of Bagshot.

Bagshot is 5-52.

Heathcote is chasing its second flag in a row.


1:55pm: Sandhurst is 4-42 in its second innings against Huntly.

1:52pm: Eaglehawk now 8-162 after 63 overs (they faced 50 last week).

The wicket to fall was Monro, bowled Ben Devanny for 37.

That's now 6 wickets for Devanny. He has 6-47 off 25 overs and more BDCA Cricketer of the Year votes.

Cory Jacobs is 20 and Todd Brown is 3.

Reckon a declaration is very imminent at Canterbury Park.

The Hawks must win or it's season over.

Eaglehawk players are all in their whites and ready to field soon.

1:50pm: Bendigo has got through the first 50 minutes unscathed against Bendigo United.

The Goers are 2-57 off 23 overs, meaning they have almost equalled their first innings score.

Mitch Blackman on 29 and Ryan Trickey on 22.

Looks like the Goers are really going to make Bendigo United earn this outright at Harry Trott Oval.

1:43pm: Could White Hills be having a crack at an outright win, or are they trying to build their percentage?

They are batting aggressively early in their second dig. They are 0-24 off 4 overs.

Brayden Stepien and Jayden Sheean both going hard at the ball... Stepien in particular.

Then again, the young fella knows no other way.

Apparently, Stepien got a ton off about 12 overs in the under-17s this morning.

1:24pm: At Huntly, Sandhurst is 3 down in their second innings against Huntly-North Epsom.

With White Hills winning, the Power MUST win outright now to be any chance of making the finals.

1:22pm: Strathdale is 0-6 off 7 overs v Golden Square.

Very slow going early against some good bowling.

Travis King on 2 and Adrian Pappin on 1. 3 extras as well in the score.

1:21pm: Eaglehawk is 7-118 against Strathfieldsaye.

They have added 17 more runs in five overs today.

Aaron Monro on 4 and Cory Jacobs on 15.

The Hawks MUST win to play finals.

1:19pm: So there's the first piece of the BDCA finals puzzle. White Hills have won.

To make the finals, they need either Strathdale to lose or Eaglehawk to not beat Strathfieldsaye.

Pressure is now right on Eaglehawk to force a win against Strathfieldsaye in their ordinary conditions match.

1:17pm: Shane Harling OUT. Caught at first slip by Jayden Sheean off Colley.


The Roos have been bowled out for 72. White Hills wins by 8 runs.

Question asked as to whether ball carried, but square leg umpire confirmed it did.

Travis Colley takes the match-winning wicket.

Right now, White Hills have given themselves a chance of playing finals for first time since 1999.

Stumps are still in, looks like White Hills having a second hit.

1:16pm: Colley to Harling with Flat 9-72.

1st - defended, no run.

By the way, BUCCS thirds bowled Bendigo out for 28 in the second innings this morning to win outright and make the finals.

1:13pm: Irwin to Robbo. 5th over of the day.

1st - play and miss. Irwin bowling with good pace. Can he be a hero for the Demons?

2nd - short of a length, defended to cover, no run.

3rd - no shot played. Flat 9-72.

4th - let through to keeper, no run. You can feel the tension out there.

5th - through to keeper, no run. Robbo taking most of the strike.

6th - ball kept low, just kept out. End of over, the Ross 9-72.

1:09pm: Travis Colley bowling to Robbo.

1st ball - through to keeper. No run.

2nd - through to keeper. No run. Still 9-69.

3rd - skied to deep point, dive, but no catch. Difficult chance. 2 runs to Robbo. Flat 9-71. Now need 9 to win.

4th - no run. Defended to point.

5th - Defended to mid-wicket. No run.

6th - lbw appeal turned down. Ball through slips for 1 leg bye. Flat 9-72 at end of over.

1:06pm: Irwin to Shane Harling.

1st ball - dot.

2nd ball - lbw appeal. Not out. 

3rd ball - through to keeper, no run.

4th ball - single to Harling wide of cover. Flat now 9-68.

5th ball - Robertson on strike, defensive shot. No run.

6th ball - Outside edge, 1 runs to Robbo. Flat 9-69 end of over.

1:03pm: I'm going to cover this thriller ball by ball. Here we go:

Second over of the day: Travis Colley bowling, 2 slips and a gully.

1st ball: Tim Robertson - dot ball. No sign of Glen Roulston on field for White Hills.

2nd ball - dot.

A bit of a who's who of the BDCA fraternity watching this unfold.

3rd ball - dot.

4th ball - dot. Robertson looking solid with the bat.

5th ball - swing by Robertson, ends up at mid-wicket. Dot ball.

6th ball - Dot ball.

That's a maiden by Travis Colley to Tim Robertson.

Kangaroo Flat remain 9-67.

The Demons going with the ring field. 2 slips and a gully and the rest in standard cricket fielding positions.

1:01pm: Play under way at Dower Park.

Already 4 runs to Kangaroo Flat courtesy of leg byes.

The Flat now 9-67. 13 runs needed.

Irwin bowling to Shane Harling, already one play and miss today.

Few people starting to roll into famous Dower Park to watch this thrilling finish.

12:41pm: Got Adam Bourke playing the role of Tony Grieg out at Dower Park right now.

His summation of the pitch is:

"Good looking pitch with good grass cover. Nothing to worry about for the batsman. No issues with the wicket."

Breeze blowing to the Station Street end straight down to the ground. Probably a 1 or 2 goal breeze if we were playing footy.

Rhys Irwin, Travis Colley and Adrian Holland all warming up with the ball for the Demons.

Think Glenn Roulston may have a hamstring twinge from last week when he took 4-4.

Remember, White Hills need one wicket and Kangaroo Flat need 17 runs.

12:40pm: Welcome to the final day of the BDCA home and away season.

What a day we have in store as Strathdale, Eaglehawk, White Hills and Huntly-North Epsom all vie to join Golden Square and Bendigo United in next week's semi-finals.

It was a remarkable day of play last week.

We've already had Bendigo United and Huntly-North Epsom win on first innings, and they are now pursuing outright points today.

And how about the game at Dower Park between Kangaroo Flat and White Hills where 19 wickets fell for 142 runs.

Kangaroo Flat resume today at 9-63 chasing White Hills' 79.



It must have been a long week for White Hills as they try to qualify for their first finals series since 1999.


There's also the intriguing scenario that Eaglehawk finds itself in.

The Hawks are clinging onto fourth position on percentage, but there game is now ordinary conditions against Strathfieldsaye after rain fell last week.

The Hawks are under the pump at 7-101, so it will be interesting to see how they go about it to try to manufacture a win.

So, what needs to happen for either Strathdale, Eaglehawk, White Hills or Huntly-North Epsom to make the finals?

There's plenty of scenarios.....

STRATHDALE: The reigning premiers have their fate in their own hands.

Chase down top side Golden Square's 200 and they play finals, although, they may have to settle for third now after starting the round in second position.

But if the Suns are beaten, they will miss the finals if two of these things happen - White Hills beats Kangaroo Flat, Huntly-North Epsom defeats Sandhurst outright and Eaglehawk at least gets a draw against Strathfieldsaye.

EAGLEHAWK: In a very precarious position at 7-101 against Strathfieldsaye in a match now reverted to ordinary conditions following rain last week.

With the ordinary conditions, three scenarios now confront the Hawks.

If the Hawks win they will stay in the top four.

If they draw they stay in the top four if two of these things happen - Strathdale loses, Huntly-North Epsom doesn't win outright and White Hills loses.

If they are beaten, they will miss the finals if either White Hills wins, or Huntly-North Epsom finishes with a higher percentage.

After last week's play, the Power and Hawks are both now on 45 points and have percentages of 1.11.

Confused yet?

HUNTLY-NORTH EPSOM: Already beaten Sandhurst to move to 45 points.

Now chasing the extra four points for the outright win.

If they win outright, they will make the finals if any two of these three things happen - Strathdale loses, Eaglehawk doesn't beat Strathfieldsaye and White Hills loses.

Even if the Power doesn't win outright, they can still get in on percentage as long as both Eaglehawk and White Hills are beaten.

WHITE HILLS: Must beat Kangaroo Flat to be any chance of making the finals for the first time since 1999.

If they beat the Roos - and they only need one wicket to do so - they make the finals if one of these two things happen - Strathdale loses or Eaglehawk doesn't win. 

The live ladder as it stands for those four teams after last week's play stands at:

3rd: Strathdale - 45 pts, 1.52%

4th: Eaglehawk - 45 pts, 1.11%

5th: Huntly-North Epsom - 45 points, 1.11%

6th: White Hills - 45 pts, 1.00%

For what it's worth, I'm tipping:

Strathdale to chase Golden Square's 200.

Huntly-North Epsom to beat Sandhurst outright.

White Hills to beat Kangaroo Flat (Rhys Irwin to take the last wicket).

Eaglehawk to not beat Strathfieldsaye (either a draw or a loss for the Hawks).

Bendigo United to beat Bendigo outright.

If those results pan out, that would leave the top four as:

Golden Square

Bendigo United


White Hills

Tablet - Narrow
Tablet - Wide