World Oral Health Day approaching

BENDIGO Health is urging people to visit their dentist for a check up.

The call comes in the lead up to World Oral Health Day.

Marked on March 20, this year's theme is Celebrating Healthy Smiles.

Bendigo Health chief executive John Mulder said it was the perfect time for eligible Victorians to get the health of their teeth and gums checked at the organisation's Community Dental Services.

"Don't wait for pain," he said.

"Contact us for a dental check up today."

Tooth decay is the most prevalent health issue in Australia with more than 30 per cent of Australian adults suffering from untreated tooth decay.

Community Dental Services senior dentist Dr Marietta Taylor said she could not stress the importance of preventative care enough.

"We see many toothaches, we see many emergencies, many people present when all we have left to do is pull the tooth," she said.

"What we want people to do is put their name on the waiting list so they can get a check up, they can get preventative care.

"Come and see the students so they can learn how to clean their teeth so we can hopefully catch it when it's just in the early stages rather than someone coming in in pain."

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