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The Bendigo Advertiser is continuing to publish a series of profiles on some of the people helping to build the new Bendigo Hospital.

Keeping heritage of old buildings alive

ADAM Hardinge is helping to preserve history.

Mr Hardinge is Bendigo Health's construction manager for the new Bendigo Hospital project.

Mr Hardinge delivered all the enabling work for the project - the demolition, the mechanical and electrical infrastructure - and has now turned his attention to the heritage restoration of seven key buildings on site.

"We currently have an architectural services tender out and we have services engineers on board so in the next 12 months we'll see full designs done in relation to the restoration works," he said.

"The West Wing building is currently in progress.

"So we've finished demolition of some additions to that and we've got it back to the original bare bones of the building.

"Then another part of my role is also a lot of coordination work with Lend Lease.

"So when those guys need access to anywhere on the site that's all coordinated through myself."

Mr Hardinge is proud to call Bendigo home and says it's exciting to work on such an important project.

"I've worked in construction all my life," he said.

"But this is probably the biggest heritage restoration project I've work on.

"It's very exciting.

"It's the biggest thing ever to happen in Bendigo so I think everyone on it is excited to be on it.

It's the biggest thing ever to happen in Bendigo so I think everyone on it is excited to be on it. - Adam Hardinge

"It's a great team and I think everyone works really well together."

Mr Hardinge described the Lend Lease team as "exceptional".

"Everyone is willing to help everyone out," he said.

"In 20 years time we'll drive past it and see a beautiful new hospital and then to the left of it we'll see an area where all the old buildings have been restored.

"There's a lot of pride in that."

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