Calls for footpath near One Tree Hill

A RESIDENT has called for adequate walkways around LaTrobe University and One Tree Hill Road, amid safety concerns for pedestrians. 

Resident David Richardson said residents were being forced to walk on the road to access a nearby park, due to the lack of safe walkways or footpaths. 

He said the area around Federation Terrace was becoming increasingly dangerous because of the inadequate means of accessing the park.

"With no footpaths in the area there is no defined walk area," Mr Richardson said. 

"I want to highlight the ever-increasing need to do something about this because more and more people are using the park and walking on the road. 

"And with the closure of One Tree Hill Road in discussion, it shines a light on this other local issue."

Mr Richardson said while it was unknown whether the closure would increase or decrease traffic flow in the area, there was a definite increase of pedestrians. 

He has been in contact with the City of Greater Bendigo engineering team and councillor Mark Weragoda to discuss the matter. 

Engineering manager Brett Martini would not confirm if this area was of high priority to the council, but said residents could walk on the edge of Edwards Street without any serious safety concerns. 

"There is no proposal to provide any further pedestrian facilities there because of the low traffic volume and people can walk on the edge of the road with a lot of clearance," he said. 

However Mr Martini said there were traffic challenges in the area.

"We have quite a lot of requests for footpath funding.

"It comes back to priorities and which ones pose the greatest safety concerns."

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