Injured woman calls for stop sign

IF REPLACING a give way sign with a stop sign at an intersection near the Bendigo Jockey Club prevents another collision it is worth it, says Michelle Stevenson. 

The 44-year-old was involved in a two-car crash at the intersection of Heinze Street and Racecourse Road on Tuesday, after a learner driver failed to give way. 

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Ms Stevenson said she did not blame the young driver but said if there had been a stop sign the crash would never have happened. 

"I am a single parent," she said. 

"I live down one end of town and the kids go to school down the other.

"I have no car and don't know how I am going to get the kids to school. 

"If there had been a stop sign and the girl in question actually stopped rather than just attempt to give way, this would never have happened. 

"If a stop sign can prevent another crash it's well worth it."

Ms Stevenson had just dropped her children off at Holy Rosary Primary School and was driving along Heinze Street towards her regular jogging spot. 

She said she does not remember much about the crash but said she expected the offending driver to stop. 

Ms Stevenson's car was a write-off and she was taken to hospital with minor injuries. 

She said she would be off work for two weeks and would struggle to support her family during this time. 

"I now can't work for two weeks and I have a $400 mortgage per week," she said.

"There are just a lot of problems this has caused and I don't blame the girl.

"If there had been a stop sign this would not have happened."

City of Greater Bendigo manager engineering and public space Brett Martini said council recently carried out a review of the sight distance at the intersection in accordance with VicRoads guidelines following requests from residents. 

He said the give way sign had been determined as the appropriate treatment for the intersection. 

"A stop sign can only be installed when it meets VicRoads' guidelines and in this instance a stop sign does not meet VicRoads' guidelines, and so the give way sign will remain," he said. 

"However the city plan to make some changes to the road line markings to reduce the speed of traffic approaching the intersection from Racecourse Road."

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