Ascot crash sparks need for stop sign

A TWO-CAR crash at an intersection near the Bendigo Jockey Club, which resulted in a woman going to hospital, has prompted calls for a stop sign. 

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A 30-year-old woman was taken to Bendigo hospital with minor injuries yesterday about 8.40am. 

Bendigo Highway Patrol Leading Senior Constable Brendan Keegan said a driver, 18, failed to give way at the intersection of Heinz Street and Racecourse Road in Ascot. 

The woman, 30, was driving a Holden Commodore, which left the road and came to rest in a nearby creek. 

Heather Curtain, who has lived opposite the intersection for 30 years, said the give way sign needed to be replaced with a stop sign to prevent another crash. 

"We get horse trucks flying through," she said. 

"At 8.30am everyone is going to work and it is dangerous.

"No-one gives way, they just keep coming through and that is why this happened."

Mrs Curtain said there was a similar collision at the intersection two weeks ago. 

"Two weeks ago there was another big accident there," she said. 

"It was about 9pm and the same problem has happened again.

"We get crashes all the time.

"It is so busy.

"This is where the horses are and they are coming through all the time, and it is such a busy time."

Mrs Curtain said the intersection had become busier with people using it as a detour in the past six years to travel into the CBD

"Everyone is starting to use this back road now to get to work instead of using the highway," she said. 

"It's becoming very busy.

"It's quicker to go up the back road and through Rohs Road to get to work rather than (taking) the highway because you have all the school crossings.

"It is becoming really dangerous."

Mrs Curtain said she had had a close call with a motor vehicle when she was riding her bike along the road. 

She said people did not slow down and give way. 

"(By putting a stop sign in) they'll have to stop and have a really good look before they go across.

The Bendigo Advertiser is seeking comment from VicRoads.

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