Focus is on final

THE question everyone wants to know is will Sunday’s WNBL grand final be my last game?

The honest answer is I won’t make a decision on my future until later in the year.

I haven’t decided, but I must admit I’m probably closer to retiring than I was this time last year.

Last year I felt I was playing very well and could match it with anyone.

The Spirit recruited really well and I wanted to come back and play with this group.

I’m so glad I came back to play, but I know that I have struggled a bit this year – especially with my shot.

I’ve felt like at times that training has become a grind.

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing basketball, I love the game and being part of the Spirit.

I’m not going to make this decision lightly.

Basketball has been my life. I’ve had a basketball in my hand since I was three.

If I was struggling with injuries and struggling to contribute to the Spirit, the decision would be easy.

But I can still play 35-40 minutes per game and play well.

That’s what makes it hard and that’s why I’ll be taking my time to make the final decision.

All my attention this week is going into the grand final against the Townsville Fire.

Despite having played at the Olympics and world championships, I still get nervous.

I’m confident we’re going to play well, but I also have moments where I wonder about the things that could go wrong.

My mind goes 100 miles an hour and I’m at my worst at night when I go to bed.

That’s the way it is with big games like this. It’s natural to be nervous ahead of a grand final.

Last year there was a different feel going into the grand final.

There was probably more excitement leading into the grand final because it was the first time for the Spirit.

I think I felt more pressure last year because we wanted to win the first title for the town.

There’s still excitement this year, but I feel as though it’s a more low-key build-up.

I know come Sunday it will be anything but low key.

The Spirit fans will be out in force.

The amount of support we get from the Bendigo community and media is amazing.

The media support is better than I have experienced at any other club I’ve played with around the world.

The community support is sensational. 

No matter where we go around town we get recognised by the community and they wish us good luck.

That says a lot about our media coverage because we're always in the paper, and on the television and radio.

It plays a big role in the success the club has had.

I can’t wait to see everyone there on Sunday.

Here’s hoping we’re sharing an experience that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.


Basketball has been my life. I’ve had a basketball in my hand since I was three.

Retirement decision on hold until later in the year

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