Royal memories: A moment of beauty

NANCY Taig was standing on the platform when the Queen waved goodbye from the back of the train, so close she could see her complexion.

“The thing that most impressed me was her beautiful skin,” she said.

“She was a beautiful woman, not what they consider beautiful today, but beautiful, and very gracious.

“It was a big event.

“Every time a royal comes they put on a big show. They always had a maypole or marching girls and people would come out.

“My father was the signal man in the station so we got to see her close up.

“I had my two little girls with me. Jennifer was in the pram, she was nearly two and my dad was holding Linnette.

“The Queen was standing on the back of the train waving.

“In those days they had special carriages for the commissioners and it was one of those.

“Very few people were allowed on the platform.

“The station master put us in the first line, right up front because we had the pusher, so we were quite close.

“I think she is the best example of a leader we have seen, she is polite and nice to people and not political.

“And she is always beautifully dressed.

“I had an affinity with the princesses growing up, they were the same ages as my sister and I, and we didn’t do film stars in our day.

“The Queen is a wonderful example to people around the world and a person to be admired.”

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