Royal memories: A special memento

MARGARET Hearps was one of the 9000 school children that stood on the oval at the Upper Reserve to wait for the Queen in 1954.

To add to her memory, she has a plastic medallion that she was given at the time to commemorate the occasion.

“All the school kids were given one,” she said.

 “Mum kept it. It’s always been in the cupboard and I would look at it now and then.

“It has a pin, like a war medal. It says 1954 on it.”

Mrs Hearps was just six years old when the Queen came, but her mum made sure she remembered the day.

“Over the years we were fully aware of it; my mother told me a lot about it.

“She told me there were hundreds and hundreds of kids. They were all set out so the Queen could drive around.

“I had a brother and my mum also took him, he was only about four, and he was disappointed because she was in her “yard clothes”.

“Before he had only seen pictures of the Queen in her robes and he thought she had dressed down.

“It was very exciting; she had only been crowned queen the year before.

“She is still the only reigning monarch to come to Australia.”

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