Drunken louts can't be tolerated

ANOTHER weekend, another bunch of drunken idiots putting themselves, the general public and police in danger.

Police arrested nine people for drunken behaviour at the weekend - twice the normal number.

Will the message ever get through?

There has been so much publicity and media attention centered on the message that anti-social behaviour is dangerous and can't be tolerated.

Police must be so frustrated that repeated requests for people to act responsibly are ignored.

Police resources could be used in far more important ways than patrolling streets to pick up people who clearly have no idea when enough is enough.

The answer to this problem is as simple as people taking responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Everyone is entitled to head out on the town for a good time.

But when that good time starts to impact on others or puts people in danger because of poor behaviour, the police must intervene.

Friends also have an important role to play - if your mate is getting messy, send him or her home in a taxi before it gets to a point where the police are forced to lock them up.

The answer to this problem is as simple as people taking responsibility for themselves and their actions.

It's just commonsense... isn't it?

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