Responsible disposing of red balloons

FULL COVERAGE: National Red Balloon Day from start to finish

ORGANISERS of National Red Balloon Day are urging people to dispose of their balloons correctly. 

Organiser Jody Hardiman asked people to display their balloons on Friday 28 only and to place them in the rubbish bin once they took them down. 

"People should securely tie the balloon for one day to your letter box, front door or business front," she said. 

"Once the day is over, pop it and put it in your wheelie bin so the environmental damage is minimal."

Ms Hardiman said she was aware a lot of people would use helium in their balloons but the National Red Balloon Day foundation did not promote it. 

"If someone says are they helium-capable, we answer yes," she said. 

"But we are not promoting the use of helium."

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