Pete Murray's on the road to Bendigo

PETE Murray is coming to Bendigo as part of his national Feeler 10 Year Anniversary Tour.

Murray will take to the stage at the Capital Theatre on March 12.

"I've played in Bendigo a couple of times but quite a while ago," Murray said.

"The last time I remember playing there, I think it was a few years ago, but I think it was at the university.

"When I was independent I did a little show at a pub, too.

"It was a live entertainment place, probably about 12 years ago."

Murray has added extra regional dates to his original tour schedule and is now set to perform in regional cities in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Murray is bringing his original band The Stonemasons along for the ride.

"They're the original band that came with me when the Feeler album came out," Murray said.

"In the city shows we've actually been playing with a string section because the new album has an orchestra, the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, behind it.

"So it sounds really great.

"We kept the original tracks and just got those guys to record over the top of it."

Murray is a rugby star turned musician who, in the early days, recorded an indie CD that he sold after shows from the back of his kombi van.

Murray's debut album, the roots/rock infused Feeler, earned him 12 ARIA Award nominations.

Murray, who is based in Byron Bay, said it was important not to forget regional areas while touring.

"I've always had a lot of success in the regional areas of Australia," he said.

"There's a lot of support there for me so I kind of feel like you have to keep going back and give back to them.

"A lot of bands, once they're big, I think they kind of forget about the regional areas.

"But I think it's good to keep coming back."

Murray said things could get busy on the road but he was writing new material in his spare time.

"I'm still trying to manage to get some new songs done," he said.

Murray draws inspiration from life experiences and other artists.

"That changes from time to time and song to song - you might get inspired by a different artist," he said.

"The Feeler album was very reflective and a little big dark in parts.

"I've tried to brighten things up.

"My songs always had a positive twist at the end but I think I've tried to change the writing a little bit with songs like Opportunity which is very positive.

"It's getting away from the melancholy stuff and brightening things up.

"It's also getting off the acoustic and getting on the electric and I'm starting to work with beats a little bit more."

Murray had some sound advice for aspiring musicians.

"Persistence, persistence, persistence - that's the biggest thing for artists coming through," he said.

"Never give up.

"Just keep going and it's really good to have a good manager in place if you can get to that stage where you need that extra help.

"You need someone who knows the business and has the contacts but who is also not going to rip you off or taking too much of a cut.

"Try to learn as much about the business yourself and try to be aware of how it all works."

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