Bendigo ready to retune televisions

IN THE final step in the changeover to digital-only television, Bendigo residents will have to retune their televisions and set-top boxes before they can enjoy their favourite shows.

But Bendigo antenna technicians Ron Nicholson and Ray Pinner say there is nothing to worry about.

Mr Pinner of Bendigo Digital Anntenna Service said the process was easy to do.

"You just get into auto-tune in your TV or set-top box menu and do a re-scan," he said.

"Some sets are slower. The slowest I've seen is about two to three minutes but others might take 30 seconds.

"Provided the cable is connected to your antenna the whole time it will be fine."

Mr Nicholson who owns Ron's TV Tuning said a lot of older people were worried about the retune.

"Some of them are afraid they'll press the wrong button but just look for auto-search through the menu and that pretty well fixes it," he said.

"You shouldn't have to worry about it again unless your TV breaks down."

People who don't retune their televisions tomorrow will not be able to view every channel.

The Bendigo transmitter reaches beyond Castlemaine, out to Dunolly and Inglewood and past Rochester.

The aim of the digital retune is to move the frequencies of current channels and make room on the broadcasting spectrum for new services such as mobile broadband.

There may be some disruptions to services in the days just after the retune.

To complete the retune start by pressing menu on your remote and selecting set-up options.

In the set-up options look for words like "channels" or "auto-tuning".

This should get the retune started.

Viewers should write down their favourite channel or any specific settings (such as recordings or parental locks) before the retune.

People living in apartments may use a shared antenna system. If you have trouble with the retune contact your property manager or body corporate.

If viewers are watching TV through the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service, the retune won’t affect them. 

If viewers watch free-to-air channels via pay TV, their set-top box may be retuned for them by their provider. 

Some viewers may find their digital TV equipment will automatically detect changes to the channels and retune itself, or it may prompt them to retune. 

For viewers having difficulty retuning their equipment, be sure to check the manufacturer’s handbook or manual for instructions on how to retune, ask a friend or family member to help

For more information on the retune or for help, log on to or You can also phone 1800 20 113.

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