Police seek stolen iPad mini

BENDIGO police are seeking an iPad mini stolen from Lake Eppalock.

The device, which had a grey cover, went missing from a boat ramp at about 1.30pm Saturday.

Leading Senior Constable Sue Pentland said the devices were being targeted by thieves.

“Quite a few of these devices are getting stolen of late,” she said.

“It belonged to an older person who used it for work.”

Leading Senior Constable Pentland said officers could use the Find My iPhone app to locate Apple products if the app was installed.

"That gives us a graphic location of where the iPad is so we can help to pinpoint it," she said. 

"People can perhaps use that in the event that the iPad gets misplaced or stolen. 

"We're just asking that the device gets handed into the Bendigo police station."

Leading Senior Constable Pentland said the iPad mini had been left near the Nankervis boat ramp. 

Anyone with information can also contact Bendigo police on 5448 1300 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

Crime Stoppers is also available online at crimestoppers.com.au

In other news, a Bendigo resident has been left angry by damage to a tree in View Street. 

The person described the damage, which occurred near Barnard Street, as "senseless".

"Waking up to the senseless destruction of trees this morning again demonstrates that some people should be prevented from adding to the future gene pool," they said. 

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