Good morning Bendigo! 25.02.14

Good morning Bendigo! 


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Manus Island detention centre security staff allowed armed locals into facility, witnesses say

A witness to violence at the Manus Island detention centre last Monday night says guards from the security firm G4S allowed locals armed with makeshift weapons into the facility.

The Federal Government has backed away from its initial claims about what happened during the violence at its off-shore detention centre that killed one detainee and left dozens more injured.

Qantas refuses to confirm reports it will axe 5000 jobs, sell Melbourne Airport terminal

Qantas has refused to confirm reports that the airline is preparing to axe 5000 jobs and sell its terminal at Melbourne Airport to show the federal government it is willing to make tough changes to its business practices in exchange for federal funding.

In a statement released on Tuesday morning, Qantas said there was "fresh of speculation about what things we will or won't announce on Thursday as part of our half year results".

"We are not in a position to comment on that speculation," the statement said.


Gallery: A sky-high view of Castlemaine

Police probe Bendigo brawl

Spirit soars into WNBL grand final

Shine the Light on Premmies Ball a great success

Welcome to the world - meet our new arrivals


1. Which singer/actress was Mrs Carl Dean?

2. Harriet Quimby was the first women to fly over what?

3. The 1990s hit “Come Baby Come” was the first Top Ten appearance for which act?

4. What is a phobia about bees known as?

5. Who directed the movie “The X Files”?


The average person goes to the toilet 6 times a day. 


If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with General Jose de San Martin, hero of Argentine independence (1778-1850); Pierre Auguste Renoir, French artist (1841-1919); Enrico Caruso, Italian opera singer (1873-1921); Dame Myra Hess, English pianist (1890-1965); Sally Jessy Raphael, US talk show host (1935-); Tom Courtenay, English actor (1937-); Herb Elliott, Australian Olympic champion athlete (1938-); Peewee Wilson, Australian musician (1940-); David Puttnam, British film producer (1941-); George Harrison, English singer and Beatle member (1943-2001); Tea Leoni, US actress (1966-); Nova Peris-Kneebone, Australian athlete (1971-); Benji Marshall, New Zealand rugby league footballer (1985-); James and Oliver Phelps, British actors who played the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter films (1986-).


1308 - Edward II is enthroned as King of England.

1545 - Scots defeat English forces at Ancrum Moor.

1570 - England's Queen Elizabeth I is excommunicated by Pope Pius V.

1601 - England's Earl of Essex is executed for treason.

1969 - NSW Legislative Council expels Country Party member AE Armstrong for "unworthy business conduct" for his part in helping secure divorce evidence for another member.

1972 - Soviet Union's Luna 20 spacecraft returns to earth with samples of the Moon's surface; President Kenneth Kaunda announces his cabinet's decision to impose a one-party state in Zambia.

1976 - United States vetoes UN resolution deploring Israel's annexation of Jerusalem.

1982 - Australian Government announces decision to purchase HMS Invincible from England.

1983 - Death of Tennessee Williams, US playwright.

2004 - The Czech parliament decides to send more than 100 soldiers to Afghanistan in the first combat role for the Czech armed forces since World War II.

2005 - Argentina completes the biggest debt restructuring in history, hoping to end its status as an international financial pariah three years after a devastating economic crisis.

2006 - A six-storey building housing shops and offices collapses in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing 20 people; Death of Ethiopia's most famous poet Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin, whose poem "Proud to be African" is the anthem of the African Union.

2007 - Australian director George Miller's film Happy Feet wins an Oscar for Best Animation.

2009 - Pacific Brands, maker of Bonds, Holeproof and King Gee clothes, announces it is shedding 1850 jobs and moving operations offshore.


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1. Dolly Parton

2. The English Channel

3. K7

4. Apiphobia

5. Rob Bowman

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