White Night in Bendigo? Worth a try!

WHITE Night - what a spectacular sight.

Melbourne has found an absolute winner in the White Night event which drew close to 500,000 people into the CBD for a spectacular festival of light shows, music, food and fun.

There's talk of expanding the festival into a two-night event so more people can enjoy the show.

C'mon Bendigo - that's our cue.

If organisers are looking to expand this event because of the success, then shouldn't we as a city put up our hand to become the first regional host?

Bendigo has some wonderful buildings and a superb city centre around the Alexandra Fountain and along Pall Mall which would make a regional version of the White Night festival perfect.

View Street already boasts a wonderful arts precinct which could be another jewel of the Bendigo White Night crown.

Add in a market, musical and arts performances, food stalls and this has the potential to become one of the most spectacular nights on the Bendigo regional calendar... if the community wants it.

It's encouraging to hear City of Greater Bendigo chief Stan Liacos talking up the idea. 

But, sadly, there is one major catch... money.

Such an event would cost a good deal to run and the State Government's input would be essential.

Mmmmm.... the biggest building of them all right in the middle of Bendigo might be interested in getting on board though - what a spectacular show could be projected across the Bendigo Bank building in Charing Cross.

Such an event is certainly worthy of thought.

Or we can just let Ballarat or Geelong get in first.

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