Campaign against spiking

BENDIGO businesswoman will present her anti-drink spiking campaign at La Trobe University's O-week on Tuesday. 

Michelle Hoffman invented the 'slip me not', an adhesive film that goes over the top of a drink, after a family friend was sexually assaulted when her drink was spiked. 

"I have daughters and it was devastating to think that could happen to them," she said. 

Ms Hoffman said she had not done research into how effective the slip me not was in preventing drink spiking but she had surveyed friends and people at pubs and bars.

"I have done market research but no academic type research," she said.   

"People I have spoken to said they would use slip me not.

"I am more interested in creating awareness."

Ms Hoffman said drink spiking was a big issue. 

"I do not know the exact statistics though," she said. 

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