Bendigo continues to embrace craft beer

BENDIGO Beer and hotels around the region celebrated the first Craft Beer Rising on Saturday.

Co-founder of Bendigo Beer Trevor Birks said it was great to see craft beer lovers enjoying the day.

"When we went out to Tooborac (Hotel) it was great to see people trying new things for first time, so it's been a success from that point of view," he said.

"The day is all about awareness of what craft beer is.

"The great thing is that Bendigo has got a range of choices and venues that serve craft beer."

Craft Beer Rising was organised by Beer blog the Craft Pint and is a national day of appreciating Australian made and owned beers.

Owner of The Dispensary Enoteca Tim Baxter said it was important people got behind the day.

"If we don't we may not be able to do it again," he said.

"It's a celebration local people to get together at local places and celebrate local brews.

"The main aim is to get people take step up and realise that craft beers are made by independent people who run small businesses.

"It's very different to corporate beer. Craft beer explores the many very different styles and tastes.

"Craft beer is all about the product having flavour."

Mr Baxter said The Dispensary has been serving craft beer for five years.

"We started with 50 and it was a bit confronting (to people) but it's been an easy transition and since then we serve more than 100 of Australia's most interesting beers," he said.

"We have some really out there beers to try as well for people who are really passionate about it.

"There are still a lot of die-hard pub goers who won't (try craft beer) but they're not the target market.

"It's the younger audience who are more opened-minded to trying something new."

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