Man back with best friend

A BENDIGO man has been reunited with his best friend, his dog, Stornch.

The beloved pet went missing after a car crash on Saturday in Newbridge that left Mr Hunter with minor injuries. 

Mr Hunter said a farmer called him at 5.30pm on Friday to say that he had seen Stornch on his farm. 

"I was in Newstead putting up more (lost dog) posters," he said. 

"The farmer called to say he could see Stornch but the dog was too scared to come any closer.

"We raced back to Newbridge - it was a stressful drive.

"I saw Stornch and I started to tear up.

"My friend started to choke up too.

"I just went and sat next to him (Stornch)."

Mr Hunter took the dog to the White Hills vet, who gave Stornch a clean bill of health. 

"He has a few scratches, but that's it," Mr Hunter said. 

Police contacted the Bendigo Advertiser on Monday asking for assistance in finding the dog. 

Bridgewater Police Leading Senior Constable Mike Balazs said Mr Hunter had been "distraught" since his dog ran off. 

"No-one was seriously injured.

"But this guy was just so upset about his dog we wanted to get the public's help."

Mr Hunter temporarily discharged himself from hospital on Sunday so he could begin the search for his staffy. 

"Since Sunday I have door knocked all of Newbridge, easily 100 houses," he said on Tuesday. 

"My whole family was helping me"

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