Unlicenced driving spree ends in cell

A WOMAN caught driving unlicenced seven times in a month was put in police custody in a last-ditch effort to stop her driving, a court has heard.

Brooke Nunn, 32, of Golden Square, was arrested on Wednesday and spent the night in a holding cell before being released on bail on Thursday.

The Bendigo Magistrates' Court heard police were "at their wits end" and had no other option but to remand her after she was observed driving an unregistered vehicle at 62km/h in a 50km/h zone on Wednesday afternoon.

It was the fourth time in six days she had been stopped for driving without a licence.

The court heard she was picked up twice in one hour on Sunday February 16.

Prosecuting Senior Constable Liz Jones said police were concerned Nunn would continue to re-offend.  

She said there were also fears Nunn could suffer blackouts due to her brain tumor, which led to her licence being disqualified.

"If she has one of those blackouts when she's behind the wheel she's an extreme danger to the community," Senior Constable Jones said.

Nunn's defence counsel Peter Baker said there was no medical evidence his client had suffered blackouts but he conceded she should not have been driving.

"Certainly she has committed a series of offences. There's really no defence," he said.

The court heard Nunn - a mother of two - was diagnosed with the tumor in 2012.

Mr Baker said Nunn's partner is in prison and she was aware she could also go to prison for re-offending.

"She knows that. She's had a night in the cell to contemplate that."

Magistrate Jennifer Tregent said Nunn was a "recalcitrant" who needed to change her behaviour.

"She's not a particularly good example to her children," she said.

"The only way police could bring an end to it was to put her in custody.

"If she is picked up again and brought back before me she will be going to jail."

Nunn was ordered to reappear in court on March 13.

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