Be mindful that not all trees need to be removed

NEWS: Community lodges 500 concerns on trees

THE City of Greater Bendigo is in a no-win situation.

Today's front page clearly shows the overwhelming demand from the community for the council to inspect every tree on city-owned land across the municipality. 

Since the tragic death of little Patiya May in Rosalind Park on December 30, the city has received more than 500 extra requests regarding tree maintenance - and hired in consultants to deal with that.

Some are, and will be, valid concerns. But many will be emotional responses in the wake of a tragedy that shocked and saddened our community.

Patiya's death was always going to cause heightened awareness about trees - but it should not result in public panic.

Yes, let's look at those that appear dangerous and respond accordingly - but let's not over react.

There is not doubt questions will be asked about the tree that fell in Rosalind Park - and they should be. If the tree should have been removed sooner, those answers will be found. Patiya and her mother Kristy deserve a thorough investigation into what happened.

But we need to remind ourselves that trees drop limbs with little warning.

You can't bush walk through any Parks Victoria managed land without reading the warning signs. Those raised in the country know that gum trees in particular can drop limbs without warning.

Patiya's death was always going to cause heightened awareness about trees - but it should not result in public panic.

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