Ted dives into volunteering

TED Franklin wants everyone to experience the joy a public pool can bring. 

That's why he volunteers for the community group that runs the Golden Square Pool.

Mr Franklin, 70, said he was inspired to give his time when he saw a money tin at a milk bar in Golden Square that was fundraising for the pool last year.

"When my wife and I were married in 1967 we lived on High Street in Golden Square," he said. 

"We used to see all these people going to the pool. It brought them so much joy."

Mr Franklin said since last year he had helped to clean the pool and organise fundraising events to keep it open.

"There was heaps to do when we took over," he said.

"I cleaned the pool and canteen, and weeded the outside area."

In 2012 it was decided that the pool was not financially viable and would be demolished.

However, a community group lobbied the council to save the pool and it reopened in November.

Mr Franklin said fundraising would need to continue to keep the pool open.

Ted Franklin

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