Victim's ongoing fears after kick attack

A MAN who was kicked in the head at Lake Eppalock says he’s concerned to think his two attackers could re-offend.

The 46-year-old man known as Warren* said he was still recovering from the trauma of the assault that happened in December 2012.

Warren said he was angered by the outcome of Tuesday's sentencing for co-offenders Wyatt Rhodes, 19, and John Vella, 52. Both men received fines, while Vella escaped without conviction.

Warren said it sent the wrong message.

“It’s saying to others out there that if you attack someone and seriously injure them these are the only consequences you’ll get.”

“They’ll be thinking this sort of thing doesn’t matter. I’m terrified actually that they could do this again.”

He said the severity of the kick to his face could have had worse consequences. 

“It put me in hospital on a heart monitor. I still can’t feel part of my nose and face.”

“If it was someone who was smaller than me they could have killed them."

Warren described the attack as an ambush.

“I was tackled from behind,” he said.

“It was midnight. They surrounded me. 

"I’ll never forget the kick to my face. It was like being hit with a cricket bat, full steam to the nose.”

Warren said he was still battling with some of the health effects and the lingering emotional impact.

He said it had also affected a lot of people who had witnessed the attack.

"I'm just worried it hasn't sent the right message to the two offenders."

*Warren's name has been changed to protect his identity.

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