Cactus warrior is on a mission

Ian Grenda

IAN Grenda has been on a mission to get rid of pesky cacti from farmland for almost 10 years.

Mr Grenda created the volunteer group Cactus Warriors in 2005 to address the issue in Maldon and surrounding areas. 

"Foxes and rabbits love cacti," he said. 

"But sheep get the needles stuck in them and it contaminates the wool.

"It (cacti) isn't the best for farmers.

 "We have been working on an area of about 10,000 hectares, we have completed half of that so far." 

A team of volunteers have a community day on the last Sunday of every month throughout April and November.

The group injects herbicide into cacti. 

"We work from 10.30am until 12.30pm," Mr Grenda said.

"Then we have some lunch and catch up.

"It's a great way to meet your neighbours.

"We started out with about six people and now about 50 people help out."

Mr Grenda said the aim of Cactus Warriors was to get rid of the cacti but an offshoot was that the community got a chance to meet each other. 

"Some people move from Melbourne out to Maldon and they might not know many people," he said. 

To find out more about Cactus Warriors, go to

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