Travelling while staying put

BENDIGO'S Helen Webb never lost the travel bug when returning home from overseas in 1995. 

That might explain why she continues to volunteer her time at the Bendigo Visitor Centre.

She says the work fulfills her desire to go travelling - and she isn't willing to give it up anytime soon. 

"If I can't go travelling then the next best thing is to talk to people who are travelling," she said. 

"I love meeting people and you never know what stories you'll hear from people exploring the world." 

Helen Webb

Ms Webb spends four hours every Wednesday working at the centre, saying it was fun to spread the word on Bendigo's best attractions. 

"We have so much to offer here and people come in and are blown away by everything in our city," she said. 

She said volunteering "kept her on her toes" and helped her stay in touch with events happening in Bendigo. 

"Most people who live here have no idea what's happening in town but this way I keep up to date," Ms Webb said.

"I love theatre and arts and crafts and get exposed to it a lot in this job. 

"You get so much out of volunteering.

"I just love it."

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