Suns' legends upstaged

THEY may have been branded legends of the club, but they were upstaged by their contemporaries in last Sunday's Strathdale-Maristians' Twenty20 charity cricket match.

The Suns hosted a Legends XI v Presidents XI match at Bell Oval to raise money for community organisation Headspace Bendigo.

Batting first, the Legends XI - most of whom retired long before the introduction of Twenty20 cricket - scored 7-118.

Andrew Price (25) and Kieren Prowse (23) were the best of the Legends XI batsmen.

The Legends XI innings included two soft-tissue injury casualities in Geoff Findlay (5) and John Neylon (8), both while taking quick singles.

In reply, the Presidents XI blasted 6-182 thanks to another hard-hitting innings from man of the match Adrian Pappin.

Opening the batting, Pappin crunched 71 (eight sixes, three fours), before he retired.

Jack Neylon (25) and Isaac Miller (20) also batted well for the Presidents XI.

More than $700 was raised for Headspace Bendigo.

SMCC Legends XI v SMCC Presidents XI

at Bell Oval

Legends XI won the toss and elected to bat.

Legends XI Innings

A. Price stpd D. Bakes b J. Neylon 25

G. Findlay retired hurt 5

B. Smith c C. Taylor b J. Neylon 13

John Neylon caught & bowled T. Vlaeminck 8

M. Chalkley c D. Bakes b D. Rushworth 3

K. Prowse c J. Zimmer b S. McCann 23

B. Findlay hit wicket b R. Walsh 0

D. Nihill b A. Pappin 16

T. Ledwidge retired 1

R. Murphy not out 7

J. Nihill not out 4

Extras 13

7 wickets for 118

Bowling: J. Guan 2-0-0-12, I. Miller 2-0-0-17, A. Pappin 2-0-1-10,T. Vlaeminck 2-0-1-11, J. Neylon 2-0-2-9, D. Rushworth 2-0-1-8,R. Walsh 2-0-1-9, M. Long 2-0-0-15, J. Zimmer 1-0-0-6, S. McCann 2-0-1-11, C. Taylor 1-0-0-10.

Presidents XI Innings

A. Pappin retired 71

S. McCann c A. Price b P. Cowell 17

Jack Neylon c K. Prowse b T. Ledwidge 25

J. Zimmer c K. Prowse  b J. Nihill 19

I. Miller retired 20

R. Walsh lbw b M. Chalkley 1

J. Guan c B. Smith b D. Nihill 9

T. Vlaeminck retired 11

M. Long caught & bowled B. Findlay 5

D. Bakes not out 3

C. Taylor not out 1

Extras 0

6 wickets for  182

Bowling: D. Nihill 3-0-1-17, R. Murphy 2-0-0-19, P. Cowell 3-0-1-22,J. Neylon 2-0-0-43, J. Nihill 3-0-1-24, T. Ledwidge 2-0-1-24, K. Prowse 1-0-0-11, M. Chalkley 2-0-1-10, B. Smith 1-0-0-9, B. Findlay 1-0-1-3.

SMCC Presidents XI won by 9 Wickets.

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