CFA crews' efforts were exceptional

CFA community education coordinator Paul Tangey has praised the efforts of more than 1000 people involved in fighting the Gisborne fires.

More than 1000 people help with fires

"From the CFA's point of view we have to say a huge thank you to the crews, a majority of which are made up of volunteers," Mr Tangey said.

"We also have to recognise the employers who allow staff to go with a team and take on a role as volunteer firefighters.

"We also had great assistance from DEPI and the Queensland firefighting personnel who assisted in the control centres."

Mr Tangey said 2566 hectares were damaged from the Dalrymple Road fire that was stopped on the outskirts of Riddells Creek at the weekend.

"We unfortunately lost two houses but there were no fatalities," Mr Tangey said.

"We had about 1000 people involved with the fires, both on the ground and in the control centres."

Mr Tangey said 16 strike teams came from around the state to help with the Gisborne fire including two from the Echuca area, 10 from the north central district, one from the Ballarat district, one from the south-west of the state, one from the Mornington Peninsula and one from the Melbourne Fire Brigade.

Currently crews are mopping up the fire site and ensuring it doesn't reignite or provide a case of candling.

"Sometimes heat remains in trees and stumps and starts another fire. That's candling," Mr Tangey said.

"Hopefully the rain comes (later in the week). That will really assist crews not only in Gisborne but in Maiden Gully and Long Gully."

Mr Tangey said the Maiden Gully fire damaged seven hectares and the Long Gully fire one hectare.

Fire Commissioner Craig Lapsley said yesterday the fire burning around Kilmore and Wallan was now at 23,000 hectares. It has destroyed at least 12 houses in Kilmore

As of 3pm on Tuesday there were no longer any emergency warnings across Victoria.

The fire rating for today in the north central region is set at very high.

For more information on fire rating conditions log on to

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