It's going to be a good year

 THIS year is going to be a good one. Actually, it’s going to be great.

We know that our world is happier when we are surrounded by nature – its colours, its sounds, its beauty.

That’s the promise the girls and I made ourselves during our long summer break together.

Last year we promised not to get too busy, but we did. We promised not to get too grumpy, but truth be told, there were a few times when we did.

So we stopped. For all of January, we simplified life.

Our camping holiday to the surf coast was the perfect way to do this – no TV, no fridge (let’s not focus on the slight hiccup when we forgot to put the plug back in the icebox before returning it to the tent) and no phone calls or endless emails.

It was the perfect way to stop the busyness – but in doing so, we remembered all the things we have a shared love of, and took the time to again appreciate their beauty.

That's not to say we haven't always done that, but the reality is we have full and busy lives and often forget to stop and enjoy the things we love doing together.

Not expensive or material ‘things’ but moments – or experiences you can’t always describe.

Like getting out of bed to go outside on a clear night and look at the stars. Yes, on Christmas eve we actually spotted Santa’s sleigh.

We also love colour. Not everyday colours, but the striking colours you see when you are outdoors.

There were many times we stopped along the Great Ocean Road just to take in the dramatic coastline. 

The moment when the sun shines down on a yellow cliff lined with green forest but resting against a deep blue ocean, dotted with white rolling waves. The blues, aquas, greens, browns and yellows. They’re constantly changing – and mesmerising. Striking.

It’s like Bright in Autumn.  There is no better place to experience a canvas of colour than the Great Alpine Road, with its avenues of trees changing colour and dropping crisp and beautiful Autumn leaves.

We know that our world is happier when we are surrounded by nature – its colours, its sounds, its beauty.

It’s important we do this often, not only for ourselves, but for each other and those around us.

We need to slow down to remind ourselves about what we are feeling; to reflect, consider and then be mindful about the next steps in our journey.

You can only truly reflect when you stop and give yourself time to be with yourself.

And after you have recharged the batteries and slowed things down, your outlook changes.

The key is then to sustain that. Reminding yourself of all the positives, surrounding yourself with beauty (and that doesn't mean 'things' or looks) - but colour, and nature, and happy people.

The beauty in our world is made up of those we love, good friends and fresh flowers. What more do we need?

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