Relief from hot weather forecast for this weekend

RELIEF for fire crews seems to be on the way with rain forecast for the end of the week.

But before then there will be 48 hours of extreme heat throughout Victoria.

A spokesman for the Bureau of Meteorology said it will be pretty warm Wednesday and Thursday.

"The temperature is expected to reach 39 on Wednesday," he said.

"Moisture is coming through with the low pressure system from Western Australia so there is potential for a fair bit of rain.

Moisture is coming through from Western Australia so there is potential for a fair bit of rain. - Bureau of Meteorology spokesman

"It is expected mostly in the north west of the state but has the potential to come down (to Bendigo and Gisborne)."

Showers and cooler temperatures are expected on Thursday and Friday.

The BOM spokesman said Gisborne and surrounding areas could expect a cool weekend with smoke haze from the bushfires keeping temperatures slightly cooler.

"Gisborne is looking at 33 (on Wednesday) with some showers developing for a cool weekend," he said yesterday. "If all goes as planned and that moisture comes down it will be a relief (for fire crews).

"But a lot can happen, that tropical moisture is coming from WA and has a long way to travel. Fingers are crossed it gets to the fire site."

The spokesman said temperatures had been above average for February without breaking any records.

"Temperatures have been above average and conditions dry," he said.

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