Employee receives shock

VICROADS is investigating an incident, where a vehicle carrying a tall load broke a powerline and caused a woman to receive an electric shock yesterday. 

The vehicle was travelling through Bridgewater to Sea Lake, from Ravenswood.

It was being escorted by VicRoads Transport Safety Services. 

It broke a service line and two other cables outside the Bridgewater Bakehouse in Main Street about 9.30am. 

A Bridgewater Bakehouse employee was taken to hospital with pains and a tight chest after she received an electric shock while using the coffee machine. 

The woman was later discharged from hospital. 

VIDEO: Leigh Sharp

VicRoads regulatory services director Richard Bell said a permit was in place for the load and the vehicle was measured, and found to meet the height limits prior to the start of the trip. 

"We are still investigating what occurred and once that is complete we will have a clearer understanding of the incident," he said. 

"We regret any inconvenience the local Bridgewater community may have experienced as a result of the power outage."

Powercor media spokesman Drew Douglas said the line connected Bendigo to Charlton, and 8300 customers in Charlton and St Arnaud were without power for about three and a half hours.

Brenda Collins was sitting out the front of the Bridgewater Bakehouse with two of her friends when the powerline broke. 

The Bridgewater resident said it made a loud noise and sent sparks flying. 

"It gave us a big shock," she said.

"There were sparks everywhere and we didn't want to touch anything."

Ms Collins said none of the group were injured but it was a lucky escape.  

There were sparks everywhere and we didn't want to touch anything. - Brenda Collins

Jena Hartshorn was standing outside the Bridgewater Post Office and said she could not believe what happened. 

"I ran over to see if everyone was (alright)," she said. 

"There were lots of sparks, I don't know how to describe it. 

"I am just glad everyone is okay."

Bridgewater Fire Brigade captain Tim Ferguson said an over-sized vehicle had broken a service line in the same street last year. 

"The ideal thing would be to put the power under the ground but that is probably not going to happen," he said. 

VicRoads investigates broken powerlines in Bridgewater

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