You snooze, you lose

I love my sleep, but it doesn't beat a WNBL championship.

That's why I'm doing everything I can to make sure my injured ankle is ready for the WNBL play-offs.

That includes giving up sleep to ice my injured left ankle.

When I went over on my ankle in Sunday's game against Melbourne Boomers I knew I'd rolled it pretty badly.

In comparison to my right ankle, my left ankle actually has some ligaments left which meant I was in some pain.

When I roll my right ankle it hurts for a couple of minutes, but the pain goes away and I'm right to go.

This time around the pain didn't go away.

Spirit physio Craig Mansfield didn't want to me to return to the game on Sunday, but with the game on the line I wanted to be out there.

The injury wasn't going to get any worse, so I had the ankle re-strapped and played out the two overtime periods.

After the game it was straight into ankle rehab mode.

Unfortunately it's a drill I know well.

At the 2006 world championships I injured my right ankle in the semi-final and only had two days to get it right for the final.

On Sunday night I basically used the same drill as I did in 2006.

Ice the ankle for 20 minutes every two hours.

In those 20 minute periods I stayed in the ice bucket for three minutes, then had one minute out to do squats and work on my calf muscles before back into the ice for three minutes.

I repeated this every two hours through the night.

I didn't get much sleep, but it will be worth it in the long run.

I'm in a moon boot this week, so I probably won't play this week against Logan, but I'm very confident I'll be back for the semi-final against Dandenong.

While it wasn't ideal that I injured my ankle, I'm counting myself very lucky because I'll still get to play in the play-offs unlike my Spirit team-mate Elyse Penaluna.

Elyse's knee injury was shattering.

You will not meet a nicer person than Elyse and for this to happen to her for a second time just doesn't seem fair.

What hurts is that game against Dandenong really didn't mean anything.

Our ladder position couldn't change and for her to get injured like that in a game that meant nothing is gut-wrenching.

Elyse was really starting to blossom for the Spirit and would have played a huge role in the play-offs.

She will be missed for sure.

As a group we will make sure we're there to support Elyse.

We'll be doing everything we can to make sure the Spirit win the WNBL title for her.

Ice the ankle for 20 minutes every two hours.

No short cuts allowed for ankle rehabilitation

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