Ice driver warned to stop drug use

A MAGISTRATE has warned a man who was driving under the influence of ice to turn his life around.

Ali Kani Mehmet, 31, was stopped by police after he was seen talking on his mobile phone, driving in Napier Street, White Hills about 9am on September 8 last year.

The Bendigo Magistrates' Court heard Mehmet was issued an oral fluid drug test. He told police at the time he had been using cannabis but results returned a positive result for ice.

Magistrate David Faram said "ice is the most dangerous drug going around".

He urged Mehmet - who has a young family - to think about his children's future and stop his drug habit.

"It's scary. It's a drug that goes one way - down a very black hole."

Mehmet was fined $860 and had his licence disqualified for six months.

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