Branch fall "just a part of life"

MAYOR Barry Lyons says an incident where a tree branch fell across a footpath at Lake Weeroona is "just another one of those things". 

Council says heat, wind causing shedding

Witnesses described the incident, which occurred at 11.45am on Sunday, as scary, especially in light of last year's tragedy where a girl lost her life at Rosalind Park. 

The Chan family memorial tree at the Golden Dragon Museum was also knocked over in strong wind gusts last week. 

Cr Lyons said while the council did all it could to prevent incidents, falling tree branches could never be prevented entirely. 

"In windy, dry conditions tree branches just let go. I'd say this incident is similar to the incident in Rosalind Park - just a case of misadventure," he said. 

"We live a dangerous life, and its always sad but you just don't know what's going to happen in life."

Cr Lyons said the council did a good job of monitoring trees. 

"We've got to try and do our best and we have arborists who tag trees regularly. We have protocols but unfortunately these things happen."

He said while an assessment was underway of both incidents, the council was yet to form conclusive evidence about why the branches fell. 

City of Greater Bendigo parks and natural reserves manager Simon Harrison said a combination of no rain, hot weather and strong wind was causing stress to the city’s street and park trees - regardless of their size and age. He said the council maintained more than 98,000 street and parkland trees. 

“It’s a natural and normal process for trees under stress to shed limbs and branches," he said. "It’s not just a problem here, it’s  happening across the state due to the extreme weather conditions."

Mr Harrison said when the council was notified of a tree that had dropped a limb, the tree was inspected by a qualified arborist and either removed and replaced, or repaired. 

"Ultimately the health of the tree determines the City’s course of action," he said. 

The council did not provide specific information regarding how often the city's trees were assessed. 

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