Ravenswood to get extra safety overhaul

VICROADS will look at installing interim safety features at the Ravenswood intersection to curb an increase in dangerous driving.

The traffic black spot has been listed for an $86-million upgrade, with an overpass to connect the Calder Alternative Highway across the Calder Highway.

But VicRoads regional director Mal Kersting said temporary safety measures were needed while the redevelopment was being planned.

He said the safety message was not getting through to some motorists.

“There have been quite a few crashes and near misses at the intersection since the announcement for the upgrade was made,” he said.

“For whatever reason there are too many drivers taking unnecessary risks.”

Mr Kersting said almost all incidents were caused by vehicles travelling south from Marong on the Calder Alternative across the Calder Highway.

He said the approach to the intersection already had large stop signs, flashing signs and additional line markings in an effort to warn motorists.

“Apart from putting a policeman at the intersection I’m not sure what more we could do to get the message across,” he said.

“We'll have a look to see if there’s any other measures we can take to alter traffic behaviour."

SES volunteer Daniel Reader said he supported any step to increase safety features. He said the SES had been called to a number of crashes there over the past few months.

“Definitely any extra safety measures being brought in would be a good move," he said. 

“We’re all looking forward to the overpass being built. There are a lot of people just not paying attention and pulling out in front of traffic."

Mr Kersting said the overpass should be opened by 2017.

He said surveying works at the site were complete and the next stage would be to look at designs.

“We’re anticipating advertising contracts before the end of the year,” he said.

Mr Kersting said parcels of land in Ravenswood would also have to be acquired to continue with the works.

He said those consultations with landowners were ongoing.

The intersection received funding pledges from both major parties in the lead-up to the 2013 federal election. The state government has also added funding, with Premier Dennis Napthine saying the intersection "had been neglected for far too long.

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