Inglewood residents call for lights at railway crossings after crash

INGLEWOOD residents say there have been a lot of near misses at the Southey Street railway crossing.

They say the crossing at Sullivan Street, on the same railway line and just up the road from Southey Street, is also dangerous.

Jennifer Coffey said trees near the railway line hampered visibility.

Ms Coffey's daughter Danielle had a lucky escape a few years ago after colliding with a train in Inglewood.

"I was behind her, I didn't actually see her hit the train but the car was still moving when I came around the bend," she said.

"I'd been down to the service station and she'd come home and I was sort of following her then.

"She actually hit the train."

Ms Coffey said the sun was in her daughter's eyes and she didn't see or hear the train until it was too late.

"She smashed her knee up pretty badly," she said.

"It took her a fair while to get over it."

Ms Coffey said it was one of the scariest days of her life.

"Something has to be done about it," she said.

"It's just too dangerous.

"You're nearly right on the railway line before you can see.

"I avoid going that way.

"There's been so many close calls."

Empire Hotel publican Enzo Scafati said the crossings needed lights.

Mr Scafati's son-in-law Jeff Martin had a lucky escape on Wednesday night when his ute collided with a train at the Southey Street railway crossing.

"When the lights switch on on the Calder Highway the rest of the crossings should as well but they don't because it's only a little town and they haven't considered that," he said.

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