Car crashes through Pall Mall store front

A YOUNG driver ran a red light, hit an oncoming car and smashed through the old Collins Booksellers store last night, according to police. 

Sergeant Greg Gentry said the 20-year-old Meadow Heights woman had been travelling down View Street at about 11pm.  

"It appears that she missed the red light and collided with another car at the intersection," he said. 

"She's then been deflected off into the Bendigo Bank building on the corner of Mitchell Street and Pall Mall. 

"The was a big thick pane of safety glass that the car went through."

The car was lodged inside the building and had to be towed from the scene. 

Glass fragments and car parts are still inside the building. 

"She's been given a ticket for disobeying traffic lights," Sergeant Gentry said. 

"No-one was hurt, it just damaged the vehicle. 

"Because it was safety glass, it's broken in the shape of a car."

The second driver appeared to be travelling along Pall Mall, Sergeant Gentry said. 

The building has recently been leased by Lazenby's Real Estate to an unknown business. 

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