Nicolson gears up for a bumper racing year

ADAM Nicolson has grand plans for 2014.

The Bendigo man has been competing in both cycling and motorbike racing for the past 20 years.

He has been juggling the two sports for most of his life but says he couldn’t choose just one to do, he loves both sports.

"I started cycling when I was at school just for fitness, then dad was into motor bikes," Nicolson said. 

"I stopped cycling and switched over to motor bike racing. 

"Then in the last couple of years my kids have started cycling so I have been dabbling in both again." 

Nicolson will begin his motorbike season this weekend in the opening round of the Hartwell Championships.

He will be competing in three classes, the Super Motor, Super Light and Super Modified.

The 37-year-old said he is aiming to finish in the top three in each class this year.

“I am running in different classes this year and in one of the classes this year I have already won the championships in a previous year,” he said.

The five round series will see Nicolson compete in Broadford three times, Phillip Island and in Mount Gambier in Adelaide.

Nicolson, who competes with Duke Racing, said his team had also just signed on with Ten 40 One, a sister team in the United States.

 He hoped the new partnership would mean he would get the opportunity to compete in America.

“It is really exciting,” Nicolson said.

Last year Nicolson saw some success on the track, winning two silver medals at the Australian Masters Games in Geelong last October.

“I went there thinking I would finish between fifth and 10th because I had never been to a championship before and to come away with second I was rapped,” he said.

The silver-medal winning performance then reignited Nicolson’s passion on for the track.

He said since the Masters Games he has competed in events in Bendigo and Castlemaine.

Nicolson said training for both cycling and motorbike racing often worked hand-in-hand.

“With the cycling when you might be racing in a bunch and you might be doing 40 or 50 kilometres and riding just millimetres a part and so your reaction times are important, that’s where the motor bike training helps,” he said.

Nicolson said he is excited about his busy year. 

He said he is aiming to compete in the Australian Supermotor Championships in Queensland in September and then to the Pan Pacific Games on the bike in October. 

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