Woman flips vehicle in single car crash

A WOMAN has had a narrow escape after a car rollover at Walmer.

The 68-year-old driver smashed her car into a tree after losing control of the vehicle on a bend at 11am Tuesday. 

“She was a single vehicle occupant driving east along Lewis Road in Walmer,” Acting Sergeant Wayne Rowe said.

“She just lost control in the gravel and veered off the road into a tree before rolling onto the roof.

“We don’t know what caused it at this stage.

“People need to pay attention to the road conditions and slow down a bit on the loose gravel.

“At this stage, investigations are ongoing.”  

She was taken to hospital. 

In a separate incident, a man riding a motorbike had a heart attack while travelling with his wife at Epsom on Tuesday. 

Leading Senior Constable Pat Allan said the couple had been incredibly lucky to escape injury.

The 73-year-old Eaglehawk man had been travelling north on the Midland Highway with his wife in a sidecar.

Leading Senior Constable Allan said the man had started to pull the bike to the side of the road at about 9.45am, and had a heart attack.

“He was manoeuvring into a car park and had a heart attack and fell off,” Leading Senior Constable Allan said.

“They mounted the curb at slow speed.

“They had been travelling to Echuca at the time.

“If he had have fallen off at 100kmh, it might have been a fair bit worse and ended quite unpleasantly.”

The couple had been travelling in a convoy.

“Bystanders were very willing to hop in and help out the man and his wife,” Leading Senior Constable Allan said.

“Charges will not be laid, but medical conditions are a concern for drivers.

“People need to be aware of any medical conditions or physical limitations that they have when they’re driving.”

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