Good morning Bendigo - 03.02.14

The start of the working week has arrived...hope you're all rested up after the weekend and that you survived the heat.

Have a great Monday.


Mostly sunny with a top of 27 degrees.


V/Line services appear to be running on time.


Leave sex lessons to straight teachers, writes Pyne's reviewer

Kevin Donnelly, chosen to review the national school curriculum, says many parents believe the sexual practices of gays, lesbians and transgender individuals are ''decidedly unnatural'' and has questioned whether students ought to learn about such relationships at school.

In a book he wrote in 2004, Mr Donnelly also seems to suggest that only heterosexual teachers have a right to teach students about sex.

The book, called Why Our Schools Are Failing, was commissioned by the Liberal Party-aligned Menzies Research Centre. Malcolm Turnbull, who was chairman of the centre at the time, wrote the foreword.

Two in hospital after Watermarc Banyule pool jump goes wrong

Two young people are in hospital after they literally knocked themselves unconscious while jumping into a public pool in the Melbourne's north-east.

In a bid to beat the extreme heat, a man and a woman, both in their 20s, were at the WaterMarc aquatic centre at Greensborough about 7.30pm on Sunday, knocking heads as they jumped into a pool.

Ambulance Victoria spokesman Paul Bentley said paramedics, the fire brigade and pool staff had to help revive the pair, who were unconscious and not breathing when they were pulled out of the water.


If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with Polish and American independence fighter Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Polish and American independence fighter (1746-1817),  French painter Fernand Leger (1881-1955), US aviation pioneer Charles A Lindbergh (1902-1974), US feminist author Betty Friedan (1921-1985), Australian entertainer Patti Newton and Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia.


1789 - Electors unanimously choose George Washington to be the first US president.

1904 - The Russo-Japanese war begins when Japan lays siege to Port Arthur.

1945 - British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US President Franklin Roosevelt and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin meet at Yalta in the Crimea to discuss plans for the defeat of the Axis powers and decide on the post-war world.

1976 - An earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale kills 23,000 people near Guatemala city.

1997 - Sixteen months after being cleared of murder charges, a civil trial jury blames OJ Simpson for the killings of his ex-wife and her friend.

2007 - NATO-led troops kill a senior Taliban leader in a precision airstrike near a southern Afghan town overrun by militants; US General Dan McNeil takes over command of the 35,500-strong force of NATO-led troops in Afghanistan.

2013 - British scientists announce they have rescued the remains of King Richard III - a scarred and broken skeleton unearthed under a drab municipal parking lot; Former NSW Labor minister and powerbroker Eddie Obeid appears at the Independent Commission Against Corruption.


What do elves learn in school? The Elf-abet!

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