Birthday for Blake

DIANE and Paull Gordon-Cooke want to save other families from the grief associated with losing a child.

The Wedderburn couple's son Blake would have turned two this Tuesday.

Instead, there was an empty seat at Blake's birthday celebration at Bendigo's Lake Weeroona on Sunday.

Blake was just 19-months-old when he passed away in September last year after tests revealed he had heart complications.

"It would be horrible to think that it all ended for nothing," Diane said.

"We can't save the world but if we can save one child and one family from this grief then every single thing is worth it.

We can't save the world but if we can save one child and one family from this grief. - Diane Gordon-Cooke

"That's a huge focus we have.

"We don't want other people to do this."

Diane and Paull have been busy sharing Blake's story and promoting HeartKids through Blake's Million Smiles Facebook Page.

Friends, family and some of Blake's followers, some who they had never met, turned out to Blake's 2nd birthday picnic on Sunday.

There were balloons, a cake and Diane wore her special necklace adorned with three hearts to represent herself, Paull and Blake angel wings and the letter B in her son's honour.

Diane said it was humbling to know her son had touched the lives of so many people.

A song written and recorded in Blake's honour by Melbourne musician John Trager was also released at the weekend.

Let Your Angel Fly is available on iTunes with money from sales set to go to HeartKids.

"It was in the top 200 on the iTunes chart on Saturday afternoon which was great," Diane said.

"People have told us they've been sitting there playing it with tears in their eyes."

Paull said the knowing their son's life was not in vain gave them the strength to go on.

"I've got a little saying going now that the only words are, there are no words," he said.

"You have to find the strength because if you don't do that you lay down and cry."

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