Good morning Bendigo - 02.02.14

Happy Sunday! Hope you're enjoying the weekend and surviving the heat.


Very hot and sunny with a top of 43 degrees.

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V/Line services appear to be running on time.


AFL recruits top crime fighter Gerry Ryan

The AFL has recruited one of Victoria's highest-ranking detectives to work as an anti-corruption investigator as part of a major revamp of its integrity department.

He is expected to work in the areas of match fixing, illegal betting, improper associations, supplement abuse, and performance-enhancing drug use and trafficking.

The move comes as professional sports in Australia have been targeted by international illegal betting syndicates as potential areas for expansion, and follows warnings from the Australian Crime Commission that some codes are vulnerable to corruption.

Election day tensions at boiling point in Bangkok

Bangkok: Even before polls opened in Thailand's contentious election on Sunday explosions and gunfire rang out across a busy Bangkok intersection, sending tensions soaring across the capital.

Seven people were injured amid mayhem as several masked gunmen opened fire as anti-government protesters and pro-government supporters clashed outside a northern suburb government office housing ballot papers late Saturday.

Among those injured were two photo-journalists, including award-winning American James Nachtwey who was shot in the leg.


1. What happens to the rows of letters when reading down an eye chart? 

2. Pevez Musharraf was president of which country? 

3. Cassata is which type of food? 

4. Which side of a ship is starboard? 

5.Which zodiac sign of Gemini, Pisces and Taurus represents a human shape? 


The colour of a chili pepper is no indication of its heat; usually the smaller ones are hotter. 


If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with Irish author James Joyce, US model Christie Brinkley, and US singer Eva Cassidy.


1653 - New Amsterdam (now New York City), population 800, gains a city charter from the Dutch.

1872 - Holland sells trading posts on African Gold Coast to Britain.

1953 - United States announces that it no longer will block Chinese Nationalist raids against mainland China.

1975 - Ethiopia's military government orders bombers, armoured units and troops into operations against guerrillas in Eritrea Province.

1992 - Serbian officials and a Serb leader agree to support a UN peace plan for Croatia.

1999 - Hugo Chavez takes office as Venezuela's president, seven years after he tried to overthrow the government in a military coup.

2009 - Moammar Gaddafi of Libya is elected as leader of the African Union; Justice Michael Kirby farewells Australia's High Court after 13 years on the bench.

2013 - The National Aboretum opens in Canberra; French President Francois Hollande bathes in the cheers and accolades of thousands of people in Timbuktu, making a triumphant stop six days after French forces parachuted in to liberate Mali's fabled city from the radical Islamists occupying it.


Two bats are hanging upside down on a branch. One asks the other, "Do you recall your worst day last year?" The other responds, "Yes, the day I had diarrhea!"

Have a great day, 


Daily quiz answers: 1. They get smaller, 2. Pakistan, 3. Ice cream, 4. Right, 5. Gemini

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