Heated off one week, rained off the next?

AFTER Saturday's heat forced mass cancellations of sport across Bendigo, could rain now pose a problem for next weekend?

While another hot week is ahead for Bendigo, the forecast for both Friday and Saturday includes possible showers.

Apart from the State Multi-Event Athetics Championships at the La Trobe University Athletics Complex, which were held in the morning and late afternoon, the sporting venues of Bendigo were bare on Saturday.

The Bendigo District, Emu Valley, Northern United and Upper Loddon cricket competitions were all called off.

There were no Bendigo Tennis Association action or Bendigo Bowls Division games.

While it didn't quite get to the 42 degrees that was forecast, there was little respite between the 1pm and 6pm that sport on a Saturday afternoon is usually played.

Between 1pm and 6pm, Saturday's temperature didn't drop below 38 degrees, while it peaked at 40.8 degrees.

As for sport that is usually played in the morning, Saturday's temperature steadily climbed from 22.9 degrees at 8am to 36.1 degrees at noon.

• Saturday afternoon's temperatures in Bendigo:

Noon - 36.1 degrees.

12.30pm - 37.4.

1pm - 38.0

1.30pm - 38.7.

2pm - 39.4.

2.30pm - 39.2.

3pm - 39.5.

3.30pm - 40.2.

4pm - 40.8.

4.30pm - 40.7.

5pm - 40.6.

5.30pm - 40.5.

6pm - 40.8 .

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