Club celebrates milestone

THE Bendigo Triathlon Club is hosting a reunion later this month to celebrate 25 years.

Founding members and current athletes will come together to reminisce about the club’s best moments.

Over the years the club has produced several elite athletes including world duathlon champion Leon Griffin and legend David Meade.

Bendigo Triathlon Club member Gavin Fiedler, who has been a part of the club since it began in 1988, said the club was important to central Victoria.

He said the club had grown but its values remained the same.

“I find it a friendly club, I have made a lot of friends and I think it is the same for everyone else,” Fiedler said.

In the past 25 years, Fiedler says the club has changed a lot.

“Triathlons were hard to find, you had to look around and now there is at least one even every weekend in summer," he said. 

Fiedler said it was rare to have any triathlon clubs in Victoria during the 1980s.   

“Before Bendigo started I doubt there were triathlon clubs at all,” he said.  

“A football club would put on a race but the distances were haphazard but now they have more standardised distances.”

Fiedler said triathlons had grown in popularity.

“There used to be the perception that you had to be some sort of athlete to be a triathlete but that isn’t right,” he said.  

“Anybody can have a go and now we have people with a vast range of abilities taking part and also a lot more women are getting involved.

“We also have lots of juniors coming through.”

The Bendigo Triathlon Club is having a dinner at GPO on February 15 at 6.30pm.

It costs $40 per head.

For more information visit

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