Kristi Harrower gets into the charity spirit

BENDIGO Spirit champion Kristi Harrower has vowed to give up alcohol and coffee for the month of February.

Harrower is taking part in the FebFast challenge, which aims to raise money for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Money raised will directly go to services provided by Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS).

Harrower said it wouldn’t be too hard to give up coffee and alcohol for a month.

“I was going to choose to give up sugar but February is a big month for the Spirit leading into finals and I need the Powerade and the Gatorade to get me through the game,” she said.

Harrower said becoming a FebFast ambassador meant a lot.

“I am pretty lucky in life in with what I have achieved but there are a lot of people out there who aren’t,” she said.

“My nephew was bullied a lot in school and bullying can lead to other things for troubled people.

“It hits home a little when it happens to someone you know.”

Harrower hoped she would become a positive role model for young people.

“To be a part of FebFast I hope I can be a role model for some of the people out there who are into drugs or alcohol.

“Sometimes especially for myself you don’t realise why people go through things until you sit down with them.”

YSAS mental health nurse Lee Kennedy said it was great to have someone of the calibre of Kristie Harrower put her hand up to be involved.

“Kristi Harrower has done everything in basketball,” she said.

“She is a perfect representative for young women especially with all the sacrifices she has had to make in her journey to become a champion.

“It is great to get her on board.”

Harrower hoped the Bendigo community would rally behind FebFast.

“This is something I really hope gets a lot of attention in the community,” she said.  

“I hope we can dig deep and get people aware.” 

For more information on FebFast visit

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