Hopes of a Hopley agreement

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SOME City of Greater Bendigo councillors still hold hope of resolving a dispute with Hopley Demolition without legal action.

Councillors authorised legal action against the business, which has used the old White Hills tip site to store waste.

The council had ordered Hopley to remove waste from the site, which did not occur.

The matter was discussed at a private councillor meeting on Wednesday night.  

Councillor Peter Cox said prior to the meeting he hoped the issue could be resolved before it went to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

“It is a legal matter,” he said.

“My position is fairly clear.

“I don’t believe we should be taking Hopley to VCAT, but instead trying to negotiate a win-win situation where they’re able to recycle materials that would normally go to landfill and we get a former tip site rehabilitated.

“I think there are certainly some councillors who are thinking along those lines.”

But Cr Cox said a majority of councillors did not agree.

Councillor Mark Weragoda did not attend the meeting but said the company had been given opportunities to fix the issue.

“I’ve heard there could be a better outcome,” he said.

“I think in my view they’ve given the business every opportunity to try to help the situation.

“I think we’ve had to take it to VCAT.

“If the business can show me they’re trying to help this situation, which I’m not satisfied with, then we can talk and come up with a better outcome.”

Hopley could not be reached for comment by The Bendigo Advertiser Wednesday night. 

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