Man jailed for attacking teen with bar

A MAN has been jailed for bashing a teenager in the head with a metal bar.

Jason Russell, 34, of Echuca, believed he had killed the 17-year-old victim when he struck him with the weapon after a dispute on March 30 last year, the Bendigo County Court heard.

The young victim suffered skull fractures and spent two weeks recovering in the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The attack happened at Russell's Echuca home when the victim arrived to confront him over Russell's de facto partner.

The court heard Russell had struck his partner in the mouth four days earlier.

His partner called her teenage son after being punched. The son and two friends (including the victim) arrived at the house later that night, armed with cricket bats and aluminium poles.

The group of teenagers left after Russell warned them he was getting friends with knives to come out and attack them. The court was told the teenage victim later declared he wanted to have sex with Russell's partner.

The victim went to Russell's house on March 30 and "agitated" Russell who struck him to the back of the head with a metal bar.

The court heard Russell dragged the victim outside, believing he had killed him, and instructed his partner to call triple-0.

Judge Irene Lawson said it was an extreme example of intentionally causing serious injury.

"It is very fortunate that it wasn't fatal," she told Russell.

"It's only good luck and good fortune that it didn't end in a murder charge."

Judge Lawson said the violent outburst was unwarranted and not initiated by the victim.

A victim impact statement detailed the ongoing extent of the teenager's injuries and described how he had lost his job as a result of the trauma.

"He was unable to sleep or walk for weeks," Judge Lawson said.

"He has trouble finding work, he is frightened and confused and never goes anywhere alone."

The court heard Russell has a significant criminal history; he was sentenced on Wednesday as a serious offender.

Judge Lawson said Russell's upbringing and abuse he suffered as a child had given him depression and bipolar disorder, which contributed to his offending.

Russell was sentenced to four years jail with a non-parole period of two years.

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