Parents can help kids with back to school stress

KIDS Helpline is encouraging parents to help kids tackle back to school stress.

Kids Helpline acting general manager Tony Fitzgerald said a new class or school could make children highly apprehensive.

Mr Fitzgerald said parental support would equip children to deal with resulting stress.

“Parents are the key," he said.

"They know their children better than anyone and will soon see if their kids need extra support at the start of the new school year.
“By helping their children prepare for change and keeping an eye out for behavioural changes, parents can make all the difference to how their school year begins and ends.
“Some kids may fear they won’t make new friends, others might not understand what a new school routine might mean.
“It can be particularly daunting for students moving to high school where they adapt to routine changes like a new room for each class and different teachers.

"They may also fear letting their parents down academically.”
Mr Fitzgerald said young people could also experience fears about new social situations involving older students.

They may also fear letting their parents down academically. - Tony Fitzgerald

Other concerns could include difficulty managing their time and disruption of previous peer relationships.
“Young people may appear anxious or frustrated and display negative or disruptive behaviour," he said.

"The most important thing you can do is let your child know that you trust them and keep communication open.”


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