Beer skolling MP shows poor form

QUEENSLAND MP Andrew Laming has disgraced himself with a smart response to questions about a picture posted on Facebook of him skolling a beer while upside down.

The picture was taken at a private party and Mr Laming is free to act as he wishes.

If the Member for Bowman sees this as mature behaviour, that's his call. But to label such an act when questioned by media as 'responsible drinking' is woeful form.

"Here's a guy who enjoys his drink, I just happened to drink it upside down,'' Mr Laming is quoted as saying by

To label such an act when questioned by the media as 'responsible drinking' is woeful form.

"It wasn't dangerous, in fact it was well-received. You've got to be a bit mean spirited to criticise someone drinking a beer just because they're upside down."

Consider me mean spirited.

Clearly, a long list of health and welfare agencies and a good deal of his political peers would have expected a better response to such a picture than 'responsible drinking'.

This sends the wrong message.

At a time when young people need little invitation to try drinking fads such as nek nomination, what type of standard does such behaviour set?

Let's hope when Mr Laming gets back upright and the blood gets back to his head, he might reconsider this poor response and come up with something a little better.

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