Celebrating the life of Vali Myers

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AN exhibition celebrating the life and work of Australian-born artist Vali Myers is now on show at Bendigo's La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre.

In Between the Dusk and Dawn Myers' vibrantly coloured miniaturist compositions tell the story of her life including her loves and her personal struggles with self- portraits surrounded by animal totems. 

In a career spanning half a century Myers harnessed ideas and influences found among the pages of her favourite books.

Her richly allegorical drawings move beyond the autobiographical to explore universal humanistic themes.

Curator Dr Tracy Spinks said Between the Dusk and Dawn was a retrospective exhibition of the art life of Myers.

"I did my PhD on this lady so that's what the exhibition was born of," she said.

"She starts off her carer working in black and white pen and ink and then slowly introduces colour into her work."

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