Good morning Bendigo! 25.01.14

Good morning Bendigo! 


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Blake's legacy

A WEDDERBURN couple have been touched by a Melbourne musician's decision to honour the life of their son Blake Gordon-Cooke.

Diane and Paull Gordon-Cooke's son Blake was just 19-months-old when he passed away in September last year.

Blake had Down Syndrome but appeared to be healthy until, at 13 months, he developed a chesty cough.

Anti-bikie laws: Librarian Sally Kuether is first woman charged under Queensland legislation

A librarian has become the first woman charged under Queensland's anti-bikie laws.

Forty-year-old Sally Kuether is accused of meeting Ronald Germain, 54, and Phillip Parmer, 60, wearing club colours at the Dayboro Hotel north-west of Brisbane last month.

The trio are alleged associates of the Life And Death motorcycle club.



Traffic lights out across Bendigo, eleven cars crash

GALLERY: Bendigo Country Week, day four

GALLERY: Friday Flashbacks, Bendigo Country Cricket Week 2005-07

Library hails to the past with its eyes on the future

Blake's legacy


1. What type of “schoolboy” appears in the title of a John Le Carre novel?
2. Which song begins, “I see trees of green, Red roses too”?
3. What was the first Top Ten hit for Go West?
4. Delft pottery is usually which colours?
5. Burt Reynolds was born in which American state?


A duck can't walk without bobbing its head. 


If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with Edmund Campion, English Jesuit (1540-1581); Robert Burns, Scottish poet (1759-1796); W Somerset Maugham, English author (1874-1965); Virginia Woolf, English author (1882-1941); Witold Lutoslawski, modern Polish composer and conductor (1913-1994); Corazon Aquino, former Philippines President (1933-2009); Etta James, American blues singer (1938-2012); Tobe Hooper, US horror film director (1943-); Kay Cottee, Australian sailor (1954-); Dinah Manoff, US actress (1958-); Xavi, Spanish soccer player (1980-); Alicia Keys, US singer (1981-).


1533 - King Henry VIII of England, defying Rome, marries his second wife Anne Boleyn.

1802 - France's Napoleon Bonaparte becomes president of the Italian Republic.

1848 - Last convict ship to Port Phillip in Victoria, the Marion, disembarks passengers.

1942 - Thailand, allied to Japan, declares war on Britain and the United States.

1942 - Full mobilisation ordered in Australia. The threat of a Japanese invasion and the proximity of Japanese forces to Australia demanded an increased commitment from the Government and public. 

2011 - Banker and philanthropist Simon McKeon, 55, is named 2011 Australian of the Year; The first, and possibly the last, Guantanamo detainee to have a US civilian trial is sentenced to life in prison for his role in the 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa, a case that nearly unravelled when the defendant was convicted on just one of more than 280 counts.

2012 - A bold, dark-of-night rescue by US Navy commandos frees an ailing American woman and a Danish man from a Somali encampment that the commandos slipped into, killing nine captors.

2013 - At least 50 people are killed after gun battles between inmates and National Guard troops at a Venezuelan prison. 


I'm listening to U2 a Capella recordings. Just needed to take The Edge off. 

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